Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  How do I register my child?
     Registration is done through Panorama Recreation Centre either by telephone (250-656-7271) or online registration (  Registration is open from April to August each year.

2.  What is the cost of registration?
     Cost of registration is $215.00 from April 1st to June 30.  Registration will increase to 249.00 on July 1st.

3.  Can I make team requests?
     You are welcome to write the name of a preferred coach, friend and location in the comments section of the registration.  The registrar will try to accomodate requests PRIOR to the first practice.
     Please note that we try our BEST to accomodate each players requests but are not always guaranteed.

4.  I would like to coach. Who do I contact?
     Please contact our Coaching Coordinator, Eric Rowe and our President.

5.  When does the season start/end?
     The basketball season runs September to early March.

6.  Can I register an entire team?
     Yes.  Please have your coach submit the team roster prior to or at the team building meeting.  The roster must contain a minimum of 10 players - please be sure each of these players requests this coach when
     registering at Panorama Recreation Centre.  It is important that all players have committed to the team prior to the coach submitting the roster.

7.  How many players per team?
     There is a maximum of 9 players per team in U11 (four players on the court).  In U13 and U15 there is a maximum of 12 players per team (5 players on the court at one time).

8.  What is the last day to register?
     Last day of registration is the Friday before the September long weekend.  Late registrations may be accomodated up to November 15th based on team availability.   If the team is full when you register, please be sure
     to add your child to the waitlist and SPABA will contact you within the week.  Please be sure to email the registrar that your child is on the waitlist.

9.  What is the last day to withdraw?
     Last day to withdraw is November 30th for 50% refund.  No refunds will be given after November 30.

10. I have a problem with practice times and/or game times?  Who do I contact?
      Please contact the registrar. 

11. What are the team manager duties?

12. Does SPABA provide a uniform?
      SPABA provides a jersey to wear (it will need to be returned at the end of the season).  Black shorts and a white t-shirt (for under the jersey) will need to be provided by the player.

13.  What days and locations are practices?
      Girls practice on Monday nights.  Boys practice on Tuesday nights although we will be trying to move some of the boys practices to Thursday nights in the upcoming season.  Practices are held at either Bayside
      Middle School or North Saanich Middle School.

14.  What nights are games and where are they played?
       Girls play games on Thursday or Friday nights.  Boys games can be Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  Games are done through Victoria and District Amateur Basketball Association.  Games are played at either
       SJ Willis, Lansdowne or Central Schools in Victoria.